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Jennifer Askey, Ph.D.

I coach in order to help academics and post-academics connect with their innermost motivation and values, discover their purpose, expand their influence, and dream big. We spend at least 35 hours each week working–often 40, 50, or 60–and I think that your career should empower you as a person and encourage you to grImage of Jennifer Askeyow. As higher education, its funding, hiring, and teaching all change, it is ever more important for academics as individuals and as groups in an industry to achieve clarity on their own mission, what their departments and institutions envision for the future, and what work there is to be done today. I help people figure those things out for themselves and move toward action.

My academic career has spanned a wide array of jobs, types of institutions, and research contexts. I have worked as an adjunct/sessional instructor, been on the tenure-track and achieved tenure, and worked on temporary full-time contracts. When I moved to Canada to follow my partner’s job, I gave up tenure and started a long process of figuring out what else to do with my education and skills. It took me years to figure out that I should work with a coach to get some distance and clarity on how I wanted to work in the world. I want my clients to harness their experiences to maximize their potential. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.





Coach, writer, speaker, wife, mom, dog-walker, knitter, feminist, Unitarian Universalist, American living in Canada. ​
Image: Allana Mayer.