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​Working with a coach to see how your life and your values intersect with your job can be a valuable tool in managing your career. Do you struggle to balance your institutional and personal commitments? Are you concerned that your scholarly record isn’t putting you on track for tenure or promotion? Are you burned out and wondering what else is out there? Are you not living up to your own expectations?

I work with academics. Most coaches who work with academics see people when they’ve hit the wall: the job market is abysmal; they can’t take the financial burden of adjunct teaching any more, they want out. This is a good time to see a coach! She can work with you as you formulate an action plan for a future that excites you and fills you with pride.

However, coaching can do more for people on the academic track than throw out a life preserver. Regardless of whether you want to stay in the game and maximize your career potential and job satisfaction, or want to try your hand at something new, a coach can stand by your side. Coaching helps you work more efficiently—on the right kinds of projects—to meet goals that are meaningful to you.

The corporatization of the university has led to multiple moments of crisis for faculty and those wishing to become faculty: tenure-track jobs in the humanities and social sciences are rare; for those who have tenure, examples of abolishing or weakening tenure abound and financial exigency can be used to justify department closures and consolidations; frequently the jobs we have are not the jobs we planned.

Coaching isn’t therapy. A coach assumes that you are a whole and well individual. But you are, like all of us at one point or another, stuck someplace and confused or frustrated. A coach will work with you to find the possible. And a coach isn’t your partner, your colleague, or your advisor: she can listen with a disinterested ear and you can be sure that she is advocating for you to find the solutions that work best for YOU—not for your boss, your program, or others’ expectations.

Get in touch and we’ll talk. Let’s see if working with me would be right for you!

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