Whose Voice is in Your Head

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What was your vision of your life after graduate school? An enviable concoction of interesting seminar classes, writing, and participating in shaping the university and/or the discipline as a professor in your field? That image of the tenure-track position, leading to a secure and tenured future, is a powerful one. It endures in the face of abundant information indicating that, in most fields, it is this very job that is the “alternative” career for PhD holders. Many PhD holders in the humanities and social sciences end up in jobs that do not require a PhD, and many others take research or policy positions where their PhD is an asset but are also not in the academy. We all know of the huge pool of adjunct, sessional, and contract faculty members…
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Making Your CV Work for You

Some academics look at their CV once a year, at annual report time, and add their recent activities and accomplishments to the document, creating new lines on their document and give it no further thought. Others, especially those on the job market, regularly fine-tune and alter their CV so that it fits each new job application. Whichever scenario best represents you, it might be time to take a look at it and see if your CV is the most effective document it can be for its intended purpose. And for the purposes of this advice, I’m only going to talk about the chronological or functional CV with which most of us are familiar. The Canadian Common CV, required for Tri-Council grants and many university reports, is a template and non-customizable,…
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