Big Picture Question 1: What Feeds My Soul?

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Starting this week, I am going to share weekly #BigPicture journal prompts here and on Twitter and Facebook. These prompts resemble the powerful questions my clients and I work with in coaching and are possible lenses through which to view your life and career anew. Please follow along and share with your friends. I’ll share some of my thoughts here publicly; you are free do to so in brief here or entirely in your own secret, locked-away-from-prying-eyes diary.

This week’s #BigPicture Question:
​What is my #1-must-do goal? The one that will fulfill me and feed my soul?

For me, this answer to this question can only occur to me when I am quiet and open. I don’t think the answer to this question can be found on my to-do list, but rather somewhere underneath the constant susurration of my lizard mind. It might come to me after meditating. It might come to me if I give myself permission to be fearless and impractical.
If I’m fearless and impractical, then maybe I can find that small, sweet dream of mine; or that huge, ambitious, world-changing dream of mine, and inquire of it where it has come from and what it wants and what it needs to unfold.
If I ask myself and my dream these questions, what do I learn?

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