Course Catalogue 2017-2018

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I am excited to share with you my course catalogue of energized courses and workshops for the upcoming academic year! Call or email me to talk about coming to your campus. I bring nearly two decade’s worth of experience in higher education and extensive experience in one-on-one academic life and career coaching to my role as facilitator. By blending my knowledge of academia with established business and entrepreneurial coaching methodology and tools for personal growth, my courses provide an excellent starting point for the development of innovative, committed, energized academics! [pdf-embedder url="" title="Course Catalog Energized Academic 17-18 v2"]
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Big Picture Question 3: Conducting a Self-Evaluation

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This week’s #bigpicture prompt gives us an opportunity to take last week’s prompt and change direction on it: How would I evaluate my own performance? Last week, we tried to look at ourselves through someone else’s eyes. This time around, I’m asking you to take the opportunity to think of how you would conduct an evaluation of yourself. Of course, in order to evaluate yourself, you need a yardstick, a job description. You can, of course, stick with the job description that came with your work contract. You’ll know whether you are engaged in the duties necessary to your position or working toward the goals set by your team or organization. But you can also expand on that and add to it the qualifications and criteria that are important to…
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Big Picture Question 2: What Do Others See?

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If I asked my colleagues, what would they say is my greatest strength? Today’s big picture question invites us to look at ourselves through someone else’s eyes. My guess is that you—all of us—have a pretty clear idea of what our weaknesses are, where we fall short of our goals, or what we haven’t crossed off our to-do lists. Being in touch with your weaknesses and focusing on them, even with the stated aim of working to overcome them, can have the perverse effect of magnifying those weaknesses, both for ourselves and others. So this week’s prompt and challenge is to step into a colleague’s shoes and examine who you are from the outside. Of course, this is an imperfect exercise, but I guarantee that, with a little thought, you…
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