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You have goals and aspirations; they’re easier to meet when you have a team!

Guys, I am so excited about this!!

My code-word for October has been “collaboration,” because, for me, October was traditionally the Month of All the Conferences. For me, conferences are those spaces you go to not only to share your work but to get super excited about what other people are doing. You find synergy at conferences, or impulses to enhance your research, or reminders of why it is you do the work that you do.

The problem is that conferences only last a weekend, at most. Then you go home, back into the classroom and the regular rhythm of the semester and all of your energy to Do All the Things begins to fade. Your priorities suffer because you open your email each day and are confronted with a hundred small fires that correspond to emergencies in someone else’s agenda. You’re a good colleague, so you pitch in to quell the flames, rarely stopping to wonder where your internal fire for your own work went.

You want to take leadership over your own career and determine the direction of your energy and work! Chances are, your university no longer supports faculty leadership initiatives. They assume that the PhD is all you need to be a success in your job. I call foul on that assumption and introduce you to The Energized Leadership Program! With just four or six participants, the first ELP (if you’re in the Humanities, you can think of it as HELP!) will be an ten-week transformation of your work habits and focus. Working with me and a small group of peers, you’ll transform vague goals and best intentions into concrete action and clear direction.

The ELP curriculum covers

  • values-based decision making
  • service with a purpose
  • professional purpose and direction
  • working with and supervising students
  • making time for effective writing practice.

Every other week, I’ll facilitate a short group discussion (via Zoom) that goes over the career lesson for the week. You’ll have access to articles, worksheets, and templates–everything you’ll need to implement the techniques we talk about–in a private Mighty Networks site just for the group. In alternating weeks, you’ll meet with your accountability partner in the group and update each other on your progress, your stumbling blocks, and your next steps.

Each participant gets a free introductory phone call with me, where we work on clarifying their goal for the program and begin to establish the rapport and support that the ELP requires. All along the way, I’ll check in on progress, provide pep talks and inspiration, and contribute to helping each and every one of you build a support team and mastermind group that will serve your career now and into the future.

This pilot version of The Energized Leadership Program won’t suit everyone and requires a minimum 1-hour/week commitment for 10 weeks. But, if you’re ready to think critically and constructively about where you’re at in your career, where you’d like to be, and how you might get from here to there, it could very well be for YOU.

This is such an amazing opportunity for an academic at any stage to learn best practices and tactics for steering their career in directions that support their goals and values. And, because I know that NOBODY should work in isolation, I’ll help you build a dedicated network of colleagues who want focus, clarity, and action as much as you do. And for this inaugural launch of the program, I’m going to be practically giving it away for $499/person. Get in touch now to let me know you’re interested and we’ll see what we can build!

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