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Ok, so I have a super corny metaphor going about the Wheel of Life that I want to work with and I’ll admit that I’m stretching it a bit with the title here. But bear with me! 


For my new program for graduate students, Thrive PhD, that I’m launching with Katy Peplin in the New Year, we are asking people who are interested in participating to sign up for information on registration and receive a copy of the academic Wheel of Life to fill out and think about in terms of goal setting and life planning during graduate school. (That link will take you to the sign up!)

On the Wheel of Life, for each of the named pie pieces on the wheel, you indicate what your level of satisfaction is in the area. The center of the circle is O and the outside ring is 10. So your wheel might end up looking like something like this one.

If we take for granted that we generally like to be and feel well-rounded and happy in all segments of our life, then you can see how doing this kind of self-assessment can give you information on how bumpily or smoothly your life is rolling along. If you assess most of your life as an 8, but that ONE section is a 2, think of how, each and every time that section comes to the fore, your ride experiences a hiccup, a glitch; your cart totters, you feel unsettled.

In terms of planning the new year, this kind of exercise can help you focus on the most important areas of your life to tend to and improve. By picking one or two areas (our wheel has life areas such as “personal network” and “money” and “scholarship” to focus on, you can make a big impact in your life without turning everything on its head.

Thrive, PhD is going to start 2018 off with a four-day challenge. We’ll start out with the Wheel of Life and wrap up with a webinar and planning session to get you the tools, structures, and supports you need to create a smoother ride for yourself. Come on over and join us; the challenge is totally free and you’ll learn a bit about not only what we’re going to do at Thrive, but where your biggest potential for growth is.

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