Filling Up Your Reserve Tank

coaching, creative work
If you are an academic--a scholar, a researcher, a student, a teacher--or a creative person--a writer, artist, content creator--a lot of what you produce gets pulled from within you. Or at least this is how I experience writing and lecturing and discussing and growing a small business. I use my experience of myself in the world as a springboard for ideas. I believe that my quotidian, embodied life is inseparable from my “work” in so many ways. How I relate to my body, to money (and where it comes from), to my family, to my domestic surroundings--all these things impact my ability to tap into my innate creativity and see where it takes me. In those moments when I feel frumpy, broke, underappreciated, and surrounded by chaos, I am incapable…
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The Right Time to Work with a Coach

​Working with a coach to see how your life and your values intersect with your job can be a valuable tool in managing your career. Do you struggle to balance your institutional and personal commitments? Are you concerned that your scholarly record isn’t putting you on track for tenure or promotion? Are you burned out and wondering what else is out there? Are you not living up to your own expectations? I work with academics. Most coaches who work with academics see people when they’ve hit the wall: the job market is abysmal; they can’t take the financial burden of adjunct teaching any more, they want out. This is a good time to see a coach! She can work with you as you formulate an action plan for a future…
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