Paralysis is NOT an Option

Today I’m attempting to inject the “energy” into Energized Academic. Yesterday, as I followed the news about Charlottesville, VA and the white-supremacist, Nazi march and ensuing violence around the removal of a statue commemorating Confederate General Robert E. Lee, my desire to work or think or write plummeted. Sorrow and rage can be paralyzing (1) and they certainly feel that way to me. But I talk to academics about building meaningful lives that honour their values both inside and outside their jobs, so paralysis is not an option. When paralysis hits, I like lists. A place to start, a progression of sorts, a selection of options. 1. Know your values. Ok; Nazis and white supremacists are bad. Duh. But explaining that they are bad in a way that, say, antifa…
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Volunteering & Career Development

post-academic, volunteering
Are you are searching for a way to add interest and diversity to your week? Or perhaps considering a new career? Volunteering can offer you insights into a new way of working or a new line of work. Volunteering expands your skill set One of my volunteer gigs for a professional association required that I attain basic functionality with the web development platform Drupal. I’m no expert but being able to perform basic functions in Drupal means that I can update websites and speak a certain kind of language to developers. Basic familiarity with a development platform or programming language also indicates that you can probably advance your skills through some basic self study--an attractive attribute in both volunteers and new employees. Working for an organization outside of your institution…
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