My Services

One-on-One Coaching

What’s next for you? That’s the answer I help faculty members, graduate students, librarians, and post-academics answer.
Are you finishing a dissertation or book, looking to get your stuff published, or submit a killer tenure file? I’m an expert accountability partner and motivator.
I also work with people who are researching and preparing for the post-academic job market. Let’s inventory your skills, translate them into resume language for those outside academia, and see where your interests and abilities align with the wide, wide world of paid employment.
You are all amazingly talented and interesting people, working in a system that encourages you to see yourself constantly as “less than” and pushes you to do, perform, and commit more.
Work with me and learn to tap into your brilliance and create the work you were meant to create! ​


Motivated, energized colleagues and graduate students are productive and fun to work with. My interactive workshops for faculty members address the particular needs and opportunities experienced guide participants–and entire departments–to identify their academic purpose and work toward their career goals with focus and excitement.
​I customize graduate student workshops to offer concrete, hands-on skills, such as CV-to-resume translation, the short-and-pithy cover letter, how to conduct informational interviews, and preparing for tomorrow through the work you do today.