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The funny thing about graduate school is that it doesn’t specifically prepare you for either a post-academic position or a teaching-service-research faculty position. Even funnier is that being on the tenure track and serving on committees and publishing scholarship doesn’t train you to take on the leadership roles you’re expected to fill once you have tenure. Your days get filled with email requests that serve other people’s agendas, leaving you precious little time to think big about your career and your impact. You got a PhD because you had BIG dreams. I’ll help you access your dream today and create a life where you get to live it.

Think of me as an expert advisor who helps you navigate whatever stage your career is at and succeed. I work with my clients on:

  • how to say NO or YES to service commitments
  • making time for research and effective writing practice
  • dealing with institutional or personal conflict
  • supervising undergraduates, graduate students, or colleagues
  • teaching persona, teaching effectiveness, teaching as activism

I know where you’re at because I’ve likely been there myself. I’ll provide the sounding board, accountability, and support you need to progress in your career and I’m committed to demanding the best you can offer. We KNOW that nobody does this work without a robust support system; so build yourself one! Contact me and we can set up a free conversation where we discuss where you are, where you want to be, and what is standing in the way of that.

Work with me!



The more, the merrier! Help your department, school, or faculty cultivate a sense of purpose and a commitment to impact.  My interactive workshops for faculty members address the particular needs and opportunities experienced by faculty members at all stages of their careers and guide participants–and entire departments–to identify their academic purpose and work toward their career goals with focus and excitement.
​I customize graduate student workshops to offer concrete, hands-on skills, such as CV-to-resume translation, the short-and-pithy cover letter, how to conduct informational interviews, and preparing for tomorrow through the work you do today.

Work with me!