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Get Your Book Done!

April 2-May 25, 2018

Commit to your project and your career with a 8-week master class geared toward FINISHING your current or next writing project. Dedicate time and get the benefit of one-on-one and group coaching.

My 8-week Group Writing Program is now open for registration. We’ll kick off the week of April 2 with a one-on-one coaching call, where you clarify your goals AND the gremlins getting in your way. Over the following 7 weeks, you’ll receive a combination of individual and group coaching, as well as an accountability system to keep you on track.

Coaching topics in the course:
your writing gremlins
reliable productivity techniques
figuring out YOUR writing sweet spot
small wins

Every other week, for eight weeks, you’ll get 30-45 minutes of individualized coaching around YOUR project and YOUR process. You and I will explore what’s working, what isn’t, and what kind of support or system you need to make your current project a success and build a writing practice you can love.  

This program meets you where you’re at right now and gives you tools and support. Past participants have called this “extremely valuable,” and “totally worth my time and money.” The combination of group and individual coaching also allows me to offer my services for less than my one-on-one coaching rates. This 8-week program is $400CDN (or about $305US).

Because you’ve struggled in the past with committing the necessary time to your research and writing, give yourself these ten weeks and we will change your writing story from “struggling” to “successful!”

Ready to dedicate yourself to your success? Fill out the form below to start the registration process.


Academic Success Coaching Package

This is Grade A, Gold Standard, Custom-Built-for-You Coaching. Regardless of where you are on in your academic (or post-academic) journey, working with me provides an amazing opportunity for you to improve your processes and practices in the classroom, the library, the meeting room, or the lab.

Everybody brings a unique set of skills and challenges to the table, so I meet you where you are in your career and we focus on clarity and strategy around things like:

  • getting set for tenure and promotion
  • how to be an effective leader in the academy
  • setting goals
  • self care and career longevity
  • getting your research done and loving it

This is a commitment to yourself. We’ll work on crafting your career from this amazing place of freedom, expertise, and self-knowledge. Over three months of bi-weekly coaching sessions, you will have a clear vision for where you are headed in your career and how best to get there. Prepare for your success and come work with me!

Interested? Fill out the contact form below to start the conversation about it.