Sparking Joy and “No”

big picture question, coaching
One of the questions I often ask in my capacity as coach is "what resonates with you?" That may be sort of woo-woo language, but it gets at something fundamental about feelings and desires, which, in turn can give us access to deep reserves of motivation and excitement around something. To have something resonate with you is different than "liking" something or approving of it or wanting to do it. Resonance comes, I believe, from your gut, your instinct and is an internal nod of the head of sorts that says, "oh, yes; that fits." When I think of the concept of resonance, I picture really clearly the room in which I took yoga classes during my first pregnancy. As I got bigger and bigger, I had to modify more…
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Let’s Talk About Your “Problem”

your office
Oh, I'm sorry, maybe I didn't really mean you. I mean, well, if you DON'T actually have rooms full of books you haven't touched in ages then no, obviously, I was not talking to you at all. I'm so sorry for my impertinence. Move along; nothing to see here. If you're still here, I'm going to forge ahead on the assumption that you do, indeed, have a book problem. While I'll admit that this is marginally better than having a bookie problem, I'll go out on a limb and guess that you've had friends, significant others, or the people from the moving company comment on the size of your . . . collection. And while your shelves of tomes may provide you with a security blanket of sorts (I might…
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