Groupwork: 5 Ways an Academic Mastermind Group Can Recharge Your Career

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Do Mastermind groups, with their hot seats and business optimization strategies, sound squarely corporate to you? One of the things I've been learning during the last year and a half of transitioning out of academia and into the world of coaching and becoming a small business owner is that some of the tools and tricks of the business world deserve a second look by most academics. Even if the verbiage or the packaging don't resonate with you, the concepts behind a lot of leadership training have a lot to offer graduate students, professors, researchers, and writers of many stripes. Briefly, a Mastermind group is a small group of people (ten is probably too big) who come together to achieve their own personal and professional goals, relying on mutual support, inspiration,…
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How’s Your Book Coming Along?: 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Big Project

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How is your dissertation coming along? Are you STILL working on that book? You've probably heard variations of that question over and over again in your academic career. And the question can be uncomfortable because the asker might not understand the timetable for something like a dissertation or a monograph and you grow weary of explaining. OR the question can be uncomfortable because, well, you probably should have had it done a long time ago. Writing is hard work. Writing something about which you care deeply and which will be used to evaluate you professionally for years to come is doubly so. But whether you're working on an article, a dissertation, your first book, or your seventeenth, you don't have to do it alone. Whether you want formal accountability or…
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