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Right now, a small group of writers and I are about 1/3 of the way through a my ten-week course to Get Your Book Done (or make crazy serious progress on an important writing project). One major theme that has emerged in the first couple of weeks is "keeping myself honest." All of the participants know that we can tell ourselves any number of things: I'm going to get up every morning at 5 am and write for two hours I can totally have this chapter finished by the end of the term These revisions are minor; they won't take much I love this project; it'll be easy to stick with But telling someone else that you're committed to finishing the chapter, finishing the draft, sending off the revisions, etc.…
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The Dip

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I failed #NaNoWriMo 2017. I know that it is now January 2018 and I'm a little late to announce this. I stopped writing about 19 days in, as I realized that there were simply too many gaps in the story I was trying to write. There was too much I didn't know about my dad. And as I ran out of "stories about my dad" that I've told in anecdote form over the years and entered into emotional terrain, my urge to write ground to a halt. That emotional terrain is important, though, because that is the legacy my father left me. When I set out to write about my childhood and my father, I knew I was going to run into uncomfortable emotional territory. Memoir writing makes this likely,…
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5 Tips for Taking On #AcWriMo

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And since you should be writing anyway . . . here are a few ways to approach a BIG writing push during the month of November. You can make your daily goal about time spent writing, number of words, number of items dealt with (annotations, notes, etc.). Whatever makes sense for your biggest priority project at its current stage is a great goal for #AcWriMo. Daily is HARD but it isn't impossible. As we all know, even fifteen minutes per day will slowly but surely amass enough words to move a project from where it is now to where it needs to be next. Commit to at least one writing session per day during the month and stick to it. You and your physical or virtual writing group can keep…
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How’s Your Book Coming Along?: 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Big Project

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How is your dissertation coming along? Are you STILL working on that book? You've probably heard variations of that question over and over again in your academic career. And the question can be uncomfortable because the asker might not understand the timetable for something like a dissertation or a monograph and you grow weary of explaining. OR the question can be uncomfortable because, well, you probably should have had it done a long time ago. Writing is hard work. Writing something about which you care deeply and which will be used to evaluate you professionally for years to come is doubly so. But whether you're working on an article, a dissertation, your first book, or your seventeenth, you don't have to do it alone. Whether you want formal accountability or…
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