Upcoming Energized Leadership Program Group Coaching

Get Your Book Done!

January 8–March 26, 2018

Commit to your project and your career for a 10-week master class geared toward FINISHING your current or next writing project. Dedicate time and get the benefit of one-on-one and group coaching to:

  • maximize the impact of your scholarship
  • create effective writing routines
  • get your work out there
  • feel energized to write!

This program meets you where you’re at right now and gives you tools and support. And I’m offering my first program of 2018 at a steeply discounted rate. Save over 40% off regular coaching fees and enrol for $275 before January 5.

Because you’ve struggled in the past with committing the necessary time to your research and writing, give yourself these ten weeks and we will change your writing story from “struggling” to “successful!”

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